traduccion_icono Translation

I respect your original material, adapting the context to deliver idiomatic translations that read well.

Translation is a specialized profession that requires a firm grasp of the linguistic and extra-linguistic characteristics of both the source language the text is written in and the target language the text will be translated into.

There are two types of translation: direct and reverse translation. In the former, the translator works from a foreign language into their native language. The latter involves the opposite. Given the skill and specialization required to produce linguistically appropriate texts, professional translators work mainly into their native language. This allows us to generate idiomatic texts, i.e. texts that read well in the target language.

Professional translators craft texts that respect the source content and convey the communicative intent of the original in their translation, focusing on the linguistic and cultural characteristics of each text. The translation process differs depending on the length of the text, the target audience, the topic, the use of translation memories or specific glossaries, etc. Translation work is usually charged by source word.