correccion_icono Proofreading and editing

I can proofread and edit publications, articles and other texts to ensure clean, natural results.

If your text requires proofreading or editing, don’t hesitate to get in touch. In many cases, proofreading and editing tasks overlap. The value of these services resides in ensuring precision and imposing consistency and accuracy to do credit to the source material’s communicative intent.

Texts can be read for spelling and grammar, i.e. to correct any spelling, grammar, syntax and formatting errors. Texts can also be edited or proofread to craft clear and concise contents and to deliver a consistent text that reads well, without sacrificing the requests and intentions of the author, who will always have the last word when reworking the style and dealing with terminological issues.

Proofreading and editing can be monolingual (texts that are written directly in one language) or bilingual (comparing a translation to the original). Proofreading and editing work is usually charged per hour.