Literary Assessment


I offer services for publishers and individuals: reader’s reports and copy editing of literary manuscripts for publication or other purposes.

If you require assistance when reviewing or assessing literary works, I can analyse manuscripts and prepare reader’s reports with a professional assessment of unpublished material.

When reader’s reports are intended to provide a rough indication of the content of the work, the report will involve a more or less detailed document consisting of a summary of the storyline and an informed assessment of the content and main characteristics of the text in question. The report will also include a final conclusion analysing the target audience suited to the work.

If you need feedback on your work for publication or self-publication, the report will contain a critical assessment of the structure and style, with suggestions and recommendations for potential reworks. When assessing narrative works, I analyse the language used, the rhythm, plot development, character construction, space-time development, etc.

This type of service is usually charged per number of pages in the manuscript. An hourly assessment rate can be agreed upon if you should require specific assistance to rewrite your work.