This is a sample of the books I have translated (fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature).

Exploraciones Polares

exploraciones-polares02Author: Beau Riffenburgh
Publisher: Tikal
ISBN: 978-84-92678-53-2
Título Original: Polar Explorations
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Cuentos para chicas

cuentos-para-chicasAuthor: Multi-authored
Publisher: Todolibro
ISBN: 978-84-9806-984-6
Original Title: Stories for Girls
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La gardenia blanca de Shanghái

gardenia-blancaAuthor: Belinda Alexandra
Publisher: Martínez Roca
ISBN: 978-84-270-3633-8
Original Title: White Gardenia
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icono-descargaFirst chapter

Einstein, la vida de un genio

einsteinAuthor: Walter Isaacson
Publisher: Tikal
ISBN: 978-84-99280-70-7
Original Title: Einstein
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La lavanda silvestre que iluminó París

lavanda-silvestre-parisAuthor: Belinda Alexandra
Publisher: Martínez Roca
ISBN: 978-84-270-3756-4
Original Title: Wild Lavender
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icono-descargaFourth chapter

El rey del petróleo

el-rey-del-petroleoAuthor: Daniel Ammann
Publisher: Martínez Roca
ISBN: 978-84-270-3787-8
Original Title: The King of oil
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Colección Carlota y Peluche

carlota-y-pelucheAuthor: Berit Bach
Publisher: Susaeta
ISBN: 978-84-677-1192-9
Original Title: Lotta & Knuffel
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La abuela Lola

abuela-lolaAuthor: Cecilia Samartin
Publisher: Martínez Roca
ISBN: 978-84-270-3541-6
Original Title: Mofongo
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365 experimentos de ciencia

365-experimentos-cienciaAuthor: Multi-authored
Publisher: Susaeta
ISBN: 978-84-677-2210-9
Original Title: 365 Science Experiments
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These are some of the articles I have translated for Vanity Fair Spain

Other collaborations

Samples of articles I have edited for the UNED Complex System Lab Research Group:

  • Scaling in the Aggregation Dynamics of a Magnetorheological Fluid
    P. Domínguez-García, Sonia Melle, J.M. Pastor and M.A. Rubio. Physical Review E, 76, 051403 (2007).
  • Electrostatic and hydrodynamics effects in a sedimented magneto-rheological suspension
    P. Domínguez-García, J.M. Pastor, Sonia Melle and M.A. Rubio. Physical Review E. 80, 021405 (2009).

Samples of direct and reverse translations of comic strips by cartoonist JR Mora:


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